Garner Associates - Middle East Management and Business Development Consultants
Garner Associates - Middle EastManagement and Business Development Consultants 

Business Development

Whether you are an existing company or new market entrant into the UAE, the wider region or beyond, we have the capacity to provide the A to Z of your business development needs. These include but are not limited to:


Market Entry:

  • Provision of in-market representation for your company 
  • Market Research (see also Market Reports)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Launch and Brand Management
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Supply
  • Distribution
  • ROI
  • Financial Analysis
  • Impact upon Financial Statements, Working Capital and Cashflow 


Market Maintenance:

  • Marketing
  • Sales Promotion 
  • Public Relations
  • Exhibitions and Event management

In-Market Representation

Maintaining in-market representation can be a very expensive undertaking with Salaries, housing and schools fees plus flights for expats. Then add Business Operating Expenses e.g. office staff, office accommodation costs, trade licences, vehicles etc. 


We act on behalf of companies that want to do business in the UAE but who are not yet ready to set up shop for themselves.


We know that it can be very fustrating (and expensive) when exhibutibng at trade shows but then being unable to follow up on the leads due to diatance and time difference. Not dealing locally is a major disadvantage.


Garner Associates is your local office, we can follow up on enquiries and conduct business development on your behalf, manage your sales promotion, check merchandisng and sales figures etc repoting back to you weekly if required..


We can provide you with an office when you visit.


The locals like to deal with local companies, so get local!


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